Studer B67

The B67 can be considered the compact version of the A80R. Presented in 1973 and produced until 1982, it was replaced by its successor the A810. Its functions, in a compact version, are the same of the A80R, exception made for the Edit and the back to Zero functions.

When you lift it you understand immediately the solidity of the Studer quality also in the standard rack models.

All the calibration trimmers of the boards are easily accessible behind the front panel that, once removed, shows the beautiful architecture made of removable modular boards inherited by the A80. The B67 Series is the first step into the Studer compact recorders selection.

Main Technical Features

  • 2 tracks stereo recorder, ¼ inch (6,35 mm).
  • Rack 19” portable recorder with wooden side panels and handles.
  • Tape speeds: 15 - 7.5 – 3,75 ips (38.1 - 19.05 – 9,5 cm/sec.).
  • Equalization: CCIR.
  • Tape Reel: CINE (EIA) -Trident.
  • Reel size: up to 10,5” (26,5 cm) for metal reels or plates.
  • Balanced XLR input and output.
  • Digital timer display; H, Min, Sec.
  • Reset timer function; manual pause button; headphone output (jack 6,3mm).
  • Butterfly heads.
  • Spooling time: about 145 sec. for 760 mt. of tape.
  • Weight: about 35 Kg
  • Dimensions: H x W x D, 510 x 483 x 237 mm.
  • Power absorption: about 85 W in Stop, 170W Play-Rec, 190W FF-Rew.
  • Voltage selector: from 100 to 240 Volt, 50-60 Hz.

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