A thickness to avoid rubbing of the tape on the reel

Sometimes the tape rewinds too close to the internal surface of the flange of the reel. This is something very annoying (and that may damage the edge of the tape), especially while the tape is playing, because it provokes an audible rubbing noise that at every turn of the reel spreads in the room.

Sometimes is the same flange that is not perfectly flat, other times it is the support base of the reel holder that is aligned too close to the body of the recorder and forces the tape to rewind very close to the external flange so that the tape rubs against it. In this case the only solution is to distance the reel with a thickness that keeps it toward the external part. These round thicknesses must be put directly on the Cine-Trident pivot and must be made with materials that have a calibrated thickness, to maintain the perfect planarity of the reel support.

"The Recorderman" makes these "Disk Spacers" in three different thicknesses: 0.6 - 0,7 - 1,1 mm. The thinner ones are in natural silicon and the thicker one is in a black rubber. If necessary they can be put one on top of the other, they cost 3 euros each plus shipping.

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