About me

"The RecorderMan" is Fabio Liberatore, a music and Hi-Fi lover that has been working for 35 years in this field. The passion for reel to reel recorders has its roots in my teen age years when I used to play the electric bass in a rock band with my class mates. The recorder was an important tool, together with the turntable, not only to listen again to yourself but also as a music source of any stereo reproduction system.
Since 1992 I belong, together with a group of friends, to Acustica Applicata, a company that deals with the development, production and marketing of modular acoustic devices and is also the Italian distributor of Avalon Acoustics loudspeakers. Thanks to my track record and my long-time experience I have followed the evolution of modern audio reproduction system and experienced the best performances of it in a domestic environment. That's why I am a convinced supporter of the sonic supremacy of the professional reel to reel recorder as the greatest analogue audio source.

What does “The Recorderman” do

"The Recorderman" finds the professional recorders that are available on the European market; he buys them and takes them to his main office, personally by his car. This is the best way to be certain about their origin and it's also a good way to get in touch with the owners and establish a friendly relationship that is useful for many reasons. Last but not least, in this way transport is done with more care than that of an express courier.
All the recorders are completely refurbished, even if they are perfectly working when bought. Every Studer has its original user's manual on CD-Rom. It also comes with a report of all measurements done at the end of the refurbishment and after the break-in in period. The report certifies the level of the performances of the recorder and the compliance with the manufacturer's characteristics.
With reference to what is stated above, "The Recorderman" underlines that the certified characteristics are superior to those that are declared by the manufacturer. In fact, during the refurbishment, "The Recorderman" insists on the replacement of the worn electronic components with updated hi-quality components and not with vintage (NOS) original components. Modern components in fact have higher performances (we are referring to capacitors, resistors and so on.)


"The Recorderman" claims the ownership of this "Hi End procedure". It is a unique refurbishment method that no other European dealer uses. This method in fact is more expensive and sometimes the buyer does not fully appreciate it, but it's a path that has a real impact on the sonic performance of the recorder.
To achieve this result, "The Recorderman" works with Giorgio Foschi that has a decennial and proven competence; Giorgio has an historical knowledge and technique know-how that are unique in Europe and shares with "The Recorderman" the certainty of the importance of this kind of refurbishment.
This solid partnership makes also possible the great availability of reel to reel recorders on this website and the certainty that all the recorders are delivered at their best.

“The Recorderman” offers a service of delivery and set up of the recorder at the buyer's domicile, this service is free of charge in an area of 60 km from “The Recorderman's” main office and is available also for longer distances under reimbursement of the travel expenses.
Are also provided all the information to correctly use and do the maintenance of the recorder. A small cleaning set is delivered together each recorder.

Listening and comparative test: an exclusive chance by “The Recorderman” only

In the main office of “The Recorderman”, every buyer can listen to the recorder he likes and would like to buy: this is a unique opportunity offered only by “The Recorderman”. The listening session will be done in a very high level room, where a comparative listening with most of the recorders that are present on this web site will be possible.
A comparative listening session is an exclusive opportunity that only “The Recorderman” can offer. We believe this is the best way to buy a recorder that perfectly matches all your needs, desires and budget.

“The Recorderman” Warranty

All the recorders sold by "The Recorderman" have an exclusive "One Year Warranty" (necessarily exclusive since the producer is not existing anymore). This warranty covers any breakdown or malfunctioning, exception made for those that are due to accidental causes (electric shock, knocks, floods and so on ...) or improper and/or careless use of the recorder (among the most frequent we find: use of old tapes that have the problem of “sticky tape”, set up in humid and/or dusty rooms, bad or non existent cleaning routine or cleaning with substances that are not fit and/or dangerous, tampering). During the “One Year Warranty” period, if any problem should arise, “The Recorderman” guarantees the intervention (that is always free of charge in an area of 60 km from “The Recorderman's” main office or under payment of travel expenses in a larger area) to understand what the problem is about and then consequent fixing up. If fixing is not possible on site, “The Recorderman” cannot guarantee in advance the delivery time.

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