Studer A81

This Master Recorder is the twin brother of the A80, produced from 1979 until 1985 upon specific request of the ARD (the German State Radio-Television broadcasting company). The main difference with the A80 is the heads system, that is more compact and has the heads aimed at the reels, so to respect the so called “German Layer”, used in the German studios. The recorder is every inch a A80RC both mechanically and electronically (please refer to the description of the A80).

The stainless steel panel system "The Recorderman" is custom made (the sides can be made also in solid wood) and allows the use of the device also put in a vertical position on a surface. This is an exclusive feature for a Master Recorder of this class of weight.

Main Technical Features

  • 2 tracks stereo master recorder, ¼ inch (6,35 mm).
  • Master recorder for vertical or horizontal position.
  • Tape speeds: 15 - 7.5 ips (38.1 - 19.05 cm/sec.).
  • Equalization: CCIR.
  • Tape Reel: AEG-DIN (standard), CINE (EIA) -Trident (Optional).
  • Reel size: up to 12,5” (31,8 cm) for metal reels or plates.
  • Balanced XLR input and output.
  • Digital timer display; H, Min, Sec.
  • Edit mode with Jog and Shuttle function.
  • Butterfly heads.
  • Tape path: during FF and REW mode, the tape runs over bearing pulleys only, without any friction over metal pivots.
  • Spooling time: about 100 sec. for 760 mt. of tape.
  • Weight: about 50 Kg
  • Dimensions: H x W x D, 260 x 640 x 550 mm.
  • Power absorption: about 250 W in Play-Rec-Rew.
  • Power supply 220 Volt-50 Hz.

Photo Gallery

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