Studer A80 RC VU Meter

The Studer A80 is the master recorder that is most present in the history of recording: produced from 1970 until 1988 starting with the 1/4 inch mono version, up to the 2 inches 24 tracks. It has inherited the "Legend" of the Studer brand that begun with the C37 with tubes and remained the main protagonist in the world of analog recording until the advent and spreading of the digital recording.

Its structure is without compromise as always is with Studer products: the available working spaces and the tape path are the best possible to manage in a gentle and quick way the magnetic support especially when the tapes are old and delicate. The features available are the essential ones therefore this reel to reel recorder is ideal for all those that have never used a professional reel to reel recorder.

The performances are those that one expects from a Master Recorder that has recorded countless international hits of all music genres. The A80R has a trolley with wheels and all its parts are easily accessible for maintenance and fixing.

The A80RC is the evolution of the first version A80R, from which it differs for the positioning of the electronics that in the RC made possible the realization of a trolley with wheels that can be disassembled. This characteristics, unlike in the A80R, makes possible the disassembling of the component, even when it is put on a horizontal surface without the cart. The meter bridge with the VU meter allows the full control of the input signal while recording and includes a small service monitor and an output for the headphones.

Main Technical Features

  • 2 tracks stereo master recorder, ¼ inch (6,35 mm).
  • Master recorder on trolley with VU meter bridge.
  • Tape speeds: 15 - 7.5 ips (38.1 - 19.05 cm/sec.).
  • Equalization: CCIR.
  • Tape Reel: AEG-DIN (standard), CINE (EIA) -Trident (Optional).
  • Reel size: up to 12,5” (31,8 cm) for metal reels or plates.
  • Balanced XLR input and output.
  • Digital timer display; H, Min, Sec.
  • Edit mode with Jog and Shuttle function; Zero locator; Master Safe-Rec Ready button.
  • VU Meters with independent potentiometers for line-input and line-output.
  • VU Meters monitor of input or output signal switch selectable.
  • Rec-Play calibrated and uncalibrated mode switch selectable.
  • Buillt-in monitor speaker and headphone output (jack 6,3mm), for input or output signal.
  • Butterfly heads.
  • Tape path: during FF and REW mode, the tape runs over bearing pulleys only, without any friction over metal pivots.
  • Spooling time: about 100 sec. for 760 mt. of tape.
  • Weight: about 53 Kg.
  • Dimensions: H x W x D, 1120 x 700 x 600 mm.
  • Power absorption: about 250 W in Play-Rec-Rew.
  • Voltage selector: from 100 to 240 Volt, 50-60 Hz.

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