Plexiglass Trolley for Studer C37

The C37 was born to be put in the control room consol or in its wooden floor rack. Its look was basic and austere. The beauty of the C37 cannot be hidden and all the proud owners of this component love to admire it and to show it to all their passionate friends. For this reason "The Recorderman" produces a custom-cut trolley. It is made with 3 cm thick plexiglass panels, assembled with care, fixed on a satin stainless steel base that hides the pivoting wheels.

This "suspended" housing has a positive effect on the sound, on the contrary if you use a C37 on a surface you will have many vibrations that arrive to the tube electronics and these vibes are very audible.

The thick plexiglass panels reduce sensibly all the mechanic noises therefore it is especially fit to be used in quiet listening rooms and in those situations where the recorder is very close to the listening point.

The flow of air is not hindered because the plexiglass trolley leaves the back side and the bottom side completely opened. From this side are easily accessible all the signal connectors and input slots and all the audio boards trimmers for controls and set up. The bottom section is big enough to put the reels boxes and the LP's.

To insert the recorder in the trolley is very easy; the recorder slides on the upper edges of the side panels that are protected by a stainless steel contour (see pictures). This contour makes the process easier and avoids scratches in the plexiglass. Together with the trolley comes a small tool that is necessary to operate the CCIR-NAB selector that remains covered by the plexiglass front panel.

The physical-chemical characteristics of the plexiglass guarantee a perfect transparency that lasts in time. This material will not turn mat or yellow. For the cleaning routine it is enough to use a glass product or a 50% alcohol water solution. It is also possible to use antistatic products for cleaning wood.

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