Adattatore Cine-Trident per STUDER C37

The standard equipment of the C37 to insert reels is the AEG-DIN hook, to use the pancake with a metallic core.
As an optional, Studer produced the Cine-Trident adaptor that allowed the use of plastic reels and allowed also the installation of the adaptors to use metal NAB reels.

In the recording studios, the pancakes were what was used most therefore this optional was not used a lot. In fact it is one of the Studer accessories that is very difficult to find. For this reason and for its high original price, this optional is very rare and when it is available on the internet it has very high costs.
"The Recorderman" offers an alternative to all those that have a C37 and want this accessory: it is possible to send to "The Recorderman" one or both the original AEG-DIN adaptors and in one-week time they are modified and transformed into Cine-Trident adaptors ready to be sent back to the owner.

The price for this alteration is 95 euros each plus shipping. As you can see in the pictures, the adaptor will be identical to the original Studer accessory. Together with the modified item " The Recorderman" supplies a plastic connector that allows the use of the pancake with AEG-DIN core. In this way the C37 will be very versatile and it will be possible to use all reels with all kind of hook.

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